A Toast for The DFFD Blog’s 1st Birthday!

Today, Nov. 23, marks The DFFD Blog’s first birthday. We’re celebrating with a spankin’ new logo (see above), three squares consisting solely of meat, plus some chilled champagne (Miller High Life). L’Chaim!

Thanks to all our contributors — writers, photographers, commenters, all — and especially our readers. We do it all for you. And thanks, of course, to the Dictators for providing the inspiration. WE LOVE THE DICTATORS. In case you were wondering.

To celebrate this impressive milestone, we’re going to link up a few of our favorite posts from the past 12 months. Read on:

Fingers and Steel, Baby! Our Picks for the Top 10 Ross the Boss Solos

Happy New Year From The DFFD Blog!

‘Having Fun With HDM On Stage’

Jan. 24, 1986: The Musical Comeback of the Century!

Note: This was one of a series of posts in The DFFD Blog Goes Girl Crazy! special — a commemoration of the 35th anniversary of ‘The Dictators Go Girl Crazy!’: A Faith ‘Completely and Utterly Justified’

— DFFD123

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