Happy 60th Birthday, Joey Ramone!

Today would have been the great Joey Ramone‘s 60th birthday … if you’re in NYC, you can catch three Dictators (Andy, Ross and J.P. — not together) at tonight’s annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash! More info here.

— DFFD123


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3 responses to “Happy 60th Birthday, Joey Ramone!

  1. #1Faultguy

    “Have the Rolling Stones killed!”

  2. Rys

    I was there!!! I had tears in my eyes when Ross and Andy were onstage together doing the song “Stop thinking about it”. I geeked out in front of Andy and told him it was an honor to meet him, this was after Ross told him I had waited all my life for that moment (meanwhile I’m a relatively new Dictators fan)!! Also got to hug JP, then went to Maniobas (HDM wasn’t there). I have two Dictators left to meet!!!

    Not the best quality video but i wanted to capture the moment! http://youtu.be/aIVUrkezPsQ

  3. DFFD123

    Thanks for the story and the video! And good luck meeting the other two!

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