Irene 1, Del Lords 0

Trees down. Roads closed. Power lost. Basements flooded. Del Lords cancelled.

Yup, stupid Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene put the kibosh on what would have been a kick-a** bash Saturday at the Roots Hoot House Concert in Peace Dale, RI.

Luckily, Tuesday’s gig at the Lakeside, disguised as “The Elvis Club,” gives us an opportunity to catch them before they leave for this weekend’s gigs at the Turbo Rock Festival in Spain.

— Salvi C.


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2 responses to “Irene 1, Del Lords 0

  1. adam

    Ah, you let the cat out of the bag. Makes it tougher to get in given how tiny the place is. Will you be making an appearance?

  2. Rys

    OOh thanks for the Heads up!! Now I can hopefully add Top Ten to the list of Dictators I’ve met – leaving only HDM to go!!! 🙂

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