The Thunder Down Under!!

This week in 2002 found our heroes entertaining the Blokes and Sheilas on their first, and to date, only tour of the world’s biggest prison colony. The 4-piece line-up (Scott was temporarily on the roof) roared through 9 dates over a 10-day period, culminating with a quick stop in New Zealand to placate the Sheepshaggers.

Way, way up there on the “list of gigs I wish I’d seen” would be their date from this tour when they played a Sydney Harbor Cruise. I can picture the Harbormaster having to haul the captain in on a littering violation because of the Fosters cans clogging the bay in the wake of the ship.

Pics are courtesy of the Barman at the I-94 site.

— Salvi C.

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One response to “The Thunder Down Under!!

  1. Bill Gibson

    Yes, because we would have thrown the Fosters overboard and sent out for some REAL beer! 😉

    The real highlight of the harbour cruise (yes, we spell it that way down here) was the semi-legendary Craig MoreBeers arriving 15 minutes into the cruise by water taxi ‘cos they missed the cast-off time! Well, that and the rare-as-rocking-horse-crap rendition of Teengenerate…

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