‘Tators Tracker: Herding Cats Edition

Where are the Dictators members these days? Where AREN’T they?

Personally, I’m having great difficulty keeping track of them and their many different projects. Here’s a quick snapshot of where to find who doing what when … if I missed something (and I probably did), please e-mail me or comment below!

In random order, because I love ALL my Dictators (separate but equal, yo!):

Scott Kempner:

  • Scott’s hitting NYC next week to record the final two tracks for a new Del-Lords album, set for a 2012 release.
  • Just back from a whirlwind trip to play Spain’s Turborock Festival, the Del-Lords are scheduled to play a Roots Rock house show in R.I. on Saturday, Oct. 22. There’s also a mysterious posting on the band’s official site about the “Elvis Club” once again appearing at the Lakeside Lounge, on Thursday, Oct. 20. Do with this info what you will … but you better get there early!
  • Scott’s also getting married next month. Sorry girls, this one’s off the market.

Ross the Boss:

  • Ross is part of a Dictators-heavy supergroup (along with Handsome Dick Manitoba and J.P. “Thunderbolt” Patterson) playing NYC’s Irving Plaza on Dec. 15. Daniel Rey and Dean Rispler fill out the lineup, who will be part of a tribute benefit for the late Don Hill. (Tickets not yet on sale.)
  • Ross is demo-ing the third Ross the Boss Band CD, to be recorded later this year.
  • He can also give you tips to correct the hitch in your swing any time Mon thru Sat.

Handsome Dick Manitoba:

  • Dec. 15! Supergroup! Irving Plaza! (See RTB entry for deets.)
  • Manitoba recently rocked a couple thousand fans at Broadway’s Best Buy Theater alongside Guns ‘N Roses stars Slash, Duff, Matt & Gilby and the MC5’s Wayne Kramer — check out the photos and YouTube videos!
  • His satellite radio show — the Handsome Dick Manitoba Radio Program on Little Steven’s Underground Garage (Sirius-XM 21) — continues to receive great press. Coming this Friday at 11pm ET: An interview with Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks!
  • Handsome Dick discusses everything from pinstripes to prosciutto di Parma in his new blog, MANIBLOG.

J.P. “Thunderbolt” Patterson:

  • If you’ve STILL missed the major news about the Dics-flavored supergroup show Dec. 15 at Irving Plaza, you best back it up to RTB’s entry!
  • His latest single, “Life’s Rich Pageant,” is still available for free download from Drug Front Records.
  • His Xmas 2011 single is in the can, and ready to make it merry up in here.
  • We can’t wait for his Capital One commercial with Jerry Stiller to finally hit the airwaves.

Andy Shernoff:

  • He continues his residency at the Lakeside Lounge in New York City, performing every Wednesday until Nov. 30. The shows, which are free, start at 7pm. (Bonus: 2-for-1 happy hour beverages!) Past special guests include Kevn Kinney, Tom Clark and Carla Rhodes. Next week’s guest? I have a pretty good guess!
  • Andy is among the many artists set for the Norton Records 25th Anniversary All Star Spectacular. He will play a special early acoustic show on Saturday, Nov. 12.
  • Now available (at least at his Lakeside shows): A 7-inch vinyl single of new song “Are You Ready To Rapture?” backed with Andy’s unreleased song with Joey Ramone (“Tremble”). Look for a full “Rapture” video soon!

— DFFD123 (assisted by Salvi C.!)

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