More Stories From the Road

Check out these great pics we found at of the Dictators in Hammond, Indiana, from Oct. 14, 1977. Our boys opened for BOC and Ram Jam (?!?) at the Hammond Civic Center.

The recording of this show has been floating around Bootleg Universe since 1978, and either everyone in the band took exactly the same amount of Qualuudes at exactly the same time, or else the original tape ran a little slow, because the usual 35-minute opening set takes 39 minutes here.

What, exactly, IS that round object in the lower picture?? It’s either a weather balloon that broke off its mooring, or it’s a 13-month pregnant groupie on the search for Junior’s vagabond daddy. “Look, Zeke or She-Zeke, that there’s the roadie who told me he loved me behind the sound booth last winter!”

Thanks to Mike Vanagas for use of the pics.

Set list from Oct. 14, 1977:

1. Master Race Rock
2. Science Gone Too Far!
3. Disease
4. Next Big Thing
5. Search and Destroy
6. Two Tub Man

— Salvi C.

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One response to “More Stories From the Road

  1. Anonymous

    This dream concert took place less than 12 miles from my house, yet I knew nothing about it in those pre-internet days. Damn!
    It’s a definite possibility that RamJam was on this bill, I saw them open for Cheap Trick & Jay Ferguson in Rockford three days later.

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