It Ain’t Nothing But a House Party!

If you had your druthers, and could choose the parameters for the perfect party, what would those parameters be? If your criteria includes a wonderful venue, gracious hosts, amazing food in quantities that could feed a small army, guests who are fellow music fanatics, and last but not least, a kicka** band playing three feet from your face, then Chumley, you really should have been at the Del-Lords house concert this past w/e.

Saturday’s show at the Root Hoot concert house in Peace Dale, RI, was the third leg of the band’s World Domination Tour, after lesser stops at the Lakeside and in Spain. Some 75 lucky souls spent 2.5 hours being regaled by Scott, Roscoe, Frankie and Lucky. The band played two sets. The first set was very tight, and loaded with DLs classics. Then, after a 45-minute break, in which everyone attempted to put a dent in the mountain of food, they played a much more adventurous second set, in the classic “Do we even KNOW this one?? Ah Hell, let’s do it anyway” style. Three or four from the upcoming album were previewed and well received. It also seems that both Scott and Eric are frustrated comedians, as they told very funny stories about Stu-boy King, Screaming Jay Hawkins and “Sergio F**king Franchi.”

I can’t really overstate just how much fun this gig was for both the crowd and the performers. Once you’ve gone House Concert, you’ll never go back!

Thank you to Liz and Dan for being such fantastic hosts, thank you to Bob for the pics, and a special shout-out to whoever brought the gumbo.

— Salvi C.

First set:
• 1. Poor Man
• 2. Cheyenne
• 3. Burning In The Flame Of Love
• 4. Judas Kiss
• 5. When The Drugs Kick In
• 6. Lover’s Prayer
• 7. About You
• 8. Me and the Lord Blues
• 9. Get Tough

2nd set:
• 10. Folsom Prison Blues
• 11. True Love
• 12. How You Carry On
• 13. Stay With Me
• 14. Heaven
• 15. Jumpin’ In The Night
• 16. I Play the Drums
• 17. Shame On You
• 18. I’m Gonna Be Around
• 19. Baby, I Love You, But Leave Me the F*ck Alone
• 20. Damaged
• 21. Livin’ On Love
• 22. Working Man’s Blues
• 23. Southern Pacific

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