MANITOBA Delivers With GN’R at Roseland [Update: Now With Photos!]

Photos by Adam Gerstein

Doing this on four hours sleep and a massive hangover. Seriously, MANITOBA played their hearts out. They knew the importance of this gig (let’s face it — you are talking about 4,000 people) and they looked thrilled to be opening up for Guns N’ Roses.

I was in the front on Ross’s side and talking to some folks up there. No one knew who Manitoba or the Dictators were. They were all there for Guns N’ Roses. But they were open to hearing Manitoba and, by the end of the set, they were giving the band an ovation to do an encore. The band really delivered, which was difficult given the size of the venue and the fact that the sound sucked.

Daniel Rey is so important to the band as he is so good on back-up vocals and is beginning to emerge as a foil for Ross, even doing dueling guitars on “Slow Death.” You could tell the band was a little nervous at the beginning, but by the end of the show they were playing with a lot of confidence. Richard used the same raps he used at the Bowery Electric but also shared how appreciative he was that the Guns N’ Roses crew treated the band so well. Very good show.

The set list:

Party Starts Now
Haircut and Attitude
Avenue A
Next Big Thing
Pussy and Money
Who Will Save Rock and Roll
Slow Death
Faster and Louder
New York, New York
Stay With Me

— Adam Gerstein

P.S. Check out a cool pic of HDM with Axl Rose backstage at Roseland at Maniblog!

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