A Closet Patriot Fan?

Feb. 23 was the 10-year anny of this gig, which was the only show ever attended by all 3 members of the DFFD editorial staff. This was the Dictators’ first Boston show since the release of “DFFD,” and Axis was packed from the get-go. HDM offset the usual Boston hecklers by congratulating the Patriots on their 1st Super Bowl win, and by declaring that he’d won $500 betting on the game, so maybe he was “a Closet Patriots fan!!”

WMBR heavily promoted the gig, and a couple of the djs were walking around with their little kids in tow. I wonder what those 4-year-olds with Mohawks think about those days now.

Set list from 2/23/02:
• 1. The Party Starts Now
• 2. Master Race Rock
• 3. Avenue A
• 4. Baby Let’s Twist
• 5. Pu**y and Money
• 6. Faster and Louder
• 7. Minnesota Strip
• 8. The Next Big Thing
• 9. It’s Alright
• 10. Who Will Save R+R?
• 11. Channel Surfing
• 12. What’s Up With That?
• 13. New York, New York
• 14. Burn, Baby, Burn
• 15. I Am Right
• 16. Stay With Me
• 17. Blitzkrieg Bop
• 18. Two Tub Man
• 19. Sonic Reducer
• 20. Young, Fast + Scientific

— Salvi C.

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  1. Dictators’ related info recently updated? Just what I wanted. Keep on going, bro.

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