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Gigs by the Galore!

After a quiet couple of months in terms of opportunities to see our guys, we suddenly have an embarrassment of shows, starting this week.
The Del Lords have an all too rare NYC show tomorrow, 12/11, at the Rock Shop, a benefit for Mark Spencer, whose recording studio was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Ticket info can be found here.

Scott’s in the middle of an East Coast solo tour with Elliott Murphy, the highlight of which in our POV is a gig this Friday, 12/14, at the Record Collector in Bordentown, NJ, where he shares the bill with Andy Shernoff. That’s two Dictators for the price of one, a sure-fire value in these difficult times. Tix for the Record Collector gig are available here.

Daniel Rey has 3 gigs backing Ronnie Spector’s “Best Christmas Party Ever!,” starting this Friday at BB King’s, and ending Saturday, 12/22, at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun. Your humble reporter will be in attendance for that one.

Finally, what better way can there be to ring in the New Year than to share the mishegas with Manitoba at the Bowery Electric? Tickets are going faster than free hotcakes, but are still available here.

— Salvi C.

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‘Don’t Fade Away’

The debut CD from Andy Shernoff has hit the streets! “Don’t Fade Away” is a 4-song EP, released by CD Baby. Extended plays have a curious history of being the red-headed stepson of records. Halfway between a 45 and an LP, they usually served as ways to get the public to buy the same old for a 3rd time. Andy explodes tradition here, with 4 brand-new songs, in 4 different styles. These tunes, along with another batch that’s scheduled to hit the streets next spring, were recorded in the fall of 2011 in Springfield, MO, with the country’s greatest bar band, the Skeletons, acting as back-up. The Skeletons have always served them up fast and short, firm believers in the SWAT team approach of “get in, get out, and don’t give the audience time to get bored.” This EP adheres to that concept, with the whole shebang clocking in at an economical 12:09.

Batting lead-off is “Let’s Get the Band Back Together,” which is one of the funniest things Andy has been part of since “The Dictators Go Girl Crazy.” It’s very glam and catchy, with a call and response of “Come on!” that is total ear candy. I’m thinking the over/under for feather boas in the accompanying video will be 3.
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Fantastisk Omgang af Fed Musik!

The Master Plan kicks off their summer vacation/European tour this coming Saturday, Aug. 25. They are a featured act at the annual Gutter Island Garage Rock Festival in Denmark. Here’s what we think is the promo info. Hell, it could be instructions on how to build a patio deck for all we know.

Gutter Island Garagerock Festival er en vigtig og uundværlig del af dansk festival tradition.

Det er den eneste festival, der udelukkende fokuserer på garagerocken og beslægtede genrer.
Festivalen har eksisteret siden 2000 og afholdes hvert andet år, næste gang i august 2012.

Læs videre, hvis du vil vide hvad nogle af dens trofaste fans har at sige om den.
Gutter Island er en drømme festival. Slet og ret. Skabt af lyst til rock, fællesskab og oplevelser i øjenhøjde.

Her kan publikum møde vandbærere, stjerner og legender – og musikere kan møde fans, festivalgæster og andre feriebørn fra storbyernes rockhuler.

På Gutter Island er der stort set lige så mange “ydende” som “nydende” deltagere. En festival der med afsæt i en sjælden ren blanding af entusiasme, knofedt og viljestyrke.

Et fremragende arbejde båret af stærke, dynamiske musikmiljøer – nu ikke bare i Danmark, men også i resten af Skandinavien
Givet er det at arrangementet er den største fuldtræffer, der endnu har ramt øens fort”.

Yderligere bands vil blive annonceret lidt senere og vil gøre årets program til en sand lækkerbidsken af rå, hæsblæsende og helt fantastisk omgang af fed musik!

— Salvi C.

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It’s Showtime

We here in Boston are girding our collective loins, whatever that means, in anticipation of the upcoming Manitoba invasion. It’s been 9 years since the loud and the proud have graced us with their presence.

Boston has always had a weird relationship with the band, and vice versa. The music and musicians are always welcomed with open arms. The “Yankees Uber Alles” attitude, not so much. Over/under on the length of time between them hitting the stage and the first insult exchange = 2 minutes.

While we wait, those of you in the NYC area have pul-enty of ops to see our boys. Tonight, Andy and the Master Plan are playing their first gig in two years at the Bowery Electric, in support of Denis Tek of the legendary Radio Birdman. It’s an early show. Tomorrow night, you can head to Webster Hall for the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, which will feature both JP and RTB.

— Salvi C.


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Happy Birthday to Andy Shernoff!!

Andy Shernoff

Cheers to Andy Shernoff, who’s celebrating his birthday today!

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Foooking Hell!

We’ll have a much longer blow by blow on the Norton 25th Anny weekend in the days to come, but while we try to deal with the harsh return to reality, and sift through the detritus of the trip (any theories as to why I bought a “Learn to Dance with Jackie and The Cedrics” DVD would be appreciated), here’s the highlight of the event from our Dictators-centric point of view. Enjoy.

— Salvi C.

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‘Tators Tracker: Herding Cats Edition

Where are the Dictators members these days? Where AREN’T they?

Personally, I’m having great difficulty keeping track of them and their many different projects. Here’s a quick snapshot of where to find who doing what when … if I missed something (and I probably did), please e-mail me or comment below!

In random order, because I love ALL my Dictators (separate but equal, yo!):

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4 Down, 1 To Go!!

(Manitoba, Where You At?)

It all started with a post on The DFFD Blog about Top Ten and the Del Lords doing a “secret” gig at the Lakeside Lounge in NYC, as a warm up to their Spanish shows. Actually, no, it all started when my ex-boyfriend’s band did a co-headlining gig with RTB’s German band in Brooklyn in 2009 … but that’s a story for another day. I had already met 3 current Dictators (the aforementioned RTB, JP Patterson, and Andy Shernoff) and had only two to go. This was my chance to hopefully cross at least one more off my list!! Since I had already friended Scott on Facebook, I sent him a short note asking if the secret gig was still on, and explained that we had a mutual friend so he wouldn’t think I was a stalker. He was kind enough to write back a few hours later to confirm.

Flash forward to 7 o’clock that night, a friend and I are sitting at the bar when, in hushed tones, a gentleman to my right asked the bartender how things were going to work for the gig tonight, as the bar’s website mentioned a $20 “donation.” This sparked a conversation about how we were both huge Dictators fans and were psyched to see one of them in such an intimate venue.  He had heard about the gig the same place I had, through Salvi and The DFFD Blog. A few more people trickled in, and we made our way over to the stage area in the back of the bar. My friend and I snagged primo seats, and as I was settling in, I looked over and there was Scott Kempner and his guitar, setting up. I quickly introduced myself to him, we shared an inside joke about someone’s extreme and baffling political views, and I let him mingle with his friends and family.

As I was patting myself on the back for appearing so calm and collected, I spotted a familiar looming figure. It was Andy Shernoff shaking hands with the crowd. Apparently the people at the next table from us were who he was there to meet, and the next thing I knew he was sitting next to me, and he remembered me. More back patting ensued. Andy’s friend introduced himself to me as one of his oldest friends, back from the days of New Paltz and the Teenage Wasteland fanzine, Bobby “the Brain.” He told me how they used to print the fanzine by hand on mimeograph paper. I was truly in awe of being surrounded by Dictators history.

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