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There Will Be No Banging on THIS Toy!!

If you’re searching for a gift idea for that certain special someone in the next holiday season, then there’s really no need to look any further than the upcoming Handsome Dick Manitoba bobble-head doll. Aggronautix Toys’ fall release of a limited edition 9-inch version of the Handsome One will immortalize him with other such glitterati as GG Allin, Milo from the Descendents, and Roky Erikson. All preserved forever via the art of bobble.

The news of this pending arrival sent the staff at DFFD Headquarters scurrying to find space on the tchotchke shelf. The BOC cowbell, the Spinal Tap codpiece, the Bun E. brand back truss, and the Maybe Elvis toenail have been rearranged to accommodate their new roomie.

With that job in the rear-view mirror, we can now turn our attention to the more important matter at hand, namely — just what is this thing gonna LOOK like? We’ve seen many different looks from HDM over the years: Jewfro, clean-cut, blues patch, do-rag, buff and not so buff. Those are probably too many options to choose from, so we’ve narrowed the possibilities down to what we think are the top 3 choices.

Here is one artist’s imagining of what the bobble-head will most likely resemble:

Option 1: An iconic look, first album-era Manitoba in his high school wrestling togs.

Option B: Another popular look, here we have wrestling jacket Manitoba. The sculptor may have to trim those guns down just a smidge.

Finally, we have Option 3: The buff HDM of the 90’s and 00’s.

Which one is YOUR fave??

— Salvi C.


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The Greatest Tattoo of All Time

Not that it’s a contest, but … beat that, ‘Tators fans!

(Thanks to Sarah Berkowitz!)

— DFFD123

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Valhalla in Sheepshead Bay

The next time you’re in Brooklyn, whether for business, pleasure, or just to dump a body into the water, be sure to stop by 2301 Emmons Ave. (between Ocean and E. 21st), to visit the shrine. It’s the former site of Popeye’s Spinach Factory. The engraving is worn from a combination of age and the touch of millions, but it’s still legible.

— Salvi C.


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Hanukkah Day 8: A Gem From the Archives

This excellent article by Bob Colby is reprinted with kind permission of Kathei Logue’s “Killer Children” magazine #1 from Fall 1979:

Here’s a little taste:

The DICTATORS, my favorite American rock & roll band of the mid-70’s, are gone, and though that may be a tragedy, it was also more of a formality than anything else … The situation is still a damn shame, but before I get into details of that shame, let’s begin at the beginning with a little HISTORY.

Rise of Rock Fandom, Fall of the Dictators” (click to download the entire article in PDF form)

— Salvi C.

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All Men Pick Up at Ten

Today’s Hannukah gift (Day 7!) is for all the golfers in the house. While the seasonal temperatures here in the NE have forced most of us to put our clubs away for the year, we can be thankful that the Manowar Golf Course remains open. Plaid bunny-fur loincloths are required apparel.

— Salvi C.

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Rocking in a Winter Wonderland

For Day 6 of our Hanukkah celebration, we again travel back to CBs circa December 2003:


Lovely to look at, miserable to drive in, and soon to be a very limited edition at

Many thanks to Mike Frigerio, who risked life and limb in climbing to the rooftop across the street to take the picture, and to Brother Rob for the technological hook-up.

— Salvi C.

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Hanukkah Gift No. 5: The Dictators at CBGBs, December 2003

The guys played a 2-night stand at CBGBs on Friday, Dec. 5, and Saturday, Dec. 6, 2003, to provide footage for a live DVD. Not everyone on the DFFD editorial staff made it to these shows, due to a close encounter with a blizzard.

The Friday show seemed snake-bitten right from Jump Street. The stage power blew in the middle of the first tune, and the momentum was never really recovered after that. HDM lost his voice part-way through, but struggled on. Attendance was affected by the snow storm. The highlight of the night was watching RTB play a one-man duet of both guitar parts for “California Sun,” and making it look like he does this kind of thing all the time. Which he probably does.  

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Put Down ‘Guitar Hero,’ Here’s the Real Thing

For all of you budding RTBs out there, our Hanukkah gift for the day is the chord changes to the “Bloodbrothers” album, plus a couple extra.

This was Fritz “The Boss” Erikson’s cheat sheet from the “Faster and Louder” 2009 tribute set. It’s about time for another gig, guys.

Here’s Faster and Louder blazing their way through “Young, Fast, and Scientific.” Richie Parsons and Fritz have been doing this one since the Band 19 days, and it has never failed to smoke!  

— Salvi C.

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