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If the Dictators Played the Super Bowl

Dictators at Super BowlThe staff of the DFFD Blog takes a moment from praying for a Saints victory (OK, that’s just DFFD123) to imagine the awesomeness that would occur if the Dics were the 1/2-time entertainment for this weekend’s Super Bowl, instead of 1/2 the Who:

  • There would be a bevy of dancers clad as White Castle boxes.
  • The stage would be designed to look like CBGB’s.
  • J.P.’s “One Beverage” would be background music for a beer commercial.
  • HDM would be ranting and raving about how he doesn’t give a f*ck about football, although he did win $200 betting on the Patriots in 2002.
  • He’d call the whole game a fraud, stating that it can’t be called “Super” if neither of the NY teams were representin’.
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