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You Guys All Saw This RTB Video, Right?

Just checking.

If not, you can watch it here.

From last Sunday’s New York Daily News (two-page!) (full-color!) spread:

Heavy hitter: Metal rocker Ross Friedman of Dictators fame helps kids bang out singles (and doubles)

— DFFD123

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It’s Not the Next Big Thing, But It Is the Next Best Thing

While we love and appreciate every single cover version of Dictators tunes we’ve heard, we especially appreciate those versions where the original tune gets a different interpretation.

As today’s Hanukkah gift to you, our readers, here are a few covers that go the extra mile.

This version of WWSRAR adds an interesting ambient intro. The band is the Stowaways.

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Hanukkah Day 2: Bringing the Love

“Darlene Love, I love you! Welcome to Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom!”

For you on the second day of Hanukkah, some Love (Darlene) and unbridled joy, courtesy of these two video clips of Handsome Dick Manitoba interviewing her for his radio show last month. Few things make us as happy as watching these two crack up together. Enjoy:

— DFFD123

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Under the Thunderboss


Poptown Records “THUNDERBOSS” Release Party
BillyMarks West, NYC
Sept. 12, 2006

Approximately sixty-seven minutes after booking my flight to Boston to hang out with Salvi, and to finally see the almighty Radio Birdman play at the Middle East on Sept. 9, I got the call; Thunderbolt Patterson, Ross the Boss, and Dean Rispler, aka THUNDERBOSS, were playing a set at Poptown’s release party for “THUNDERBOSS,” at J.P.’s favorite hangout, BillyMarks West in NYC. And J.P. hisself had cordially invited us to attend!

Salvi and I found our way to BillyMarks, strolling in the door as the band did a brief soundcheck. Mid-song, J.P. spotted Salvi, and yelled “SAL!” After finishing the check, J.P. came over to chat and thank us for traveling so far for his little bash. Not a problem, Mr. Bolt. As J.P. worked the room, we spoke quite a while with Dean, Ross and C.J. Sciøscia. J.P.’s daughter filled snack bags with crunchies, while his wife sold T-shirts and CDs, and searched for gaffer’s tape. Once behind his drumkit, J.P. explained that he and his missus were on the eve of their 17th wedding anniversary … awwww.

Karen (our wunnerful webhostess) and her hubby John arrived, followed shortly by a dapper gent, who turned out to be J.P.’s Dad. We were introduced to Mr. Patterson, and spent most of the non-musical portion of the evening yakkin’ with him. The man’s led a fascinating life being, among other things, a member of the US Diplomatic Corps, traveling the world with his family. Granddad was a professional wrassler, Dad’s a diplomat, J.P.’s a rock drummer/thespian. Now that’s a colorful family lineage! Adrianna, J.P’s sister, arrived from Maryland just as the first set began. Given the family history, I wondered what her chosen calling was. Geophysics? Gourmet chef? Rockette?

Ross had taken his legendary black Les Paul out of protective custody for this gig. Dean played a cool Epiphone bass, J.P. played his usual Pearl kit. With the Poptown/NFL Film Crew in place, THUNDERBOSS launched into their seven-song set, wrapping it up with a rip through Jeff Beck’s “Rice Pudding,” with a dash of Jimi tossed in by Ross. An excellent, smokin’ set, but much too short. But…

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The Dictators Finally Make the Big League

(aka “Someone at Fox Has Surprisingly Tremendous Taste in Music”)

The Dictators’ version of “California Sun” from Every Day Is Saturday provides the soundtrack to this Fox promo for the upcoming Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Anaheim:

— DFFD123


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YouTube Tuesday: Putting the ‘Wow’ in Bilbao

You know what sucks? When you put off doing something pretty special ’cause it’s slightly inconvenient — you don’t have quite enough vacation time at your stupid job, or you’re a little low on cash — so you say to yourself, “Next time. I’ll do it next time.” My “next times” include attending a performance of the legendary Les Paul at Iridium, which he did EVERY DAMNED MONDAY for eons while I lived within walking distance (d’oh!); and seeing James Brown in person, which I should have done several times over since he always played the club right across from my office, but no, the last time it was, like, 85 bucks, so when did I finally see him? WHEN HE WAS LYING IN A COFFIN IN HARLEM (D’OH!).

And it was always the stupid job, the stupid cash keeping me from traveling to witness the Dictators knock ’em dead in the rock’n’roll mecca of Spain (d’oh?). But thanks to tipster Esther Lecanda and the fine camera work by YouTube hero Rock & Roll First Line (see all his great uploads here), I can at least pretend to not have missed out on that last “next” time, as long as I blow up these Rocktober ’08 vids from Bilbao’s Kafe Antzokia, squint a little and turn up the speakers. Gracias, fellas!

Enjoy, the rest of you — and carpe diem.

“Avenue A” (featuring the kindest, gentlest ejection of a stage crasher anywhere, ever)

Click through for three more rockin’ vids.

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YouTube Tuesday: Happy Birthday, Joey Ramone!

On the eve of Joey Ramone’s birthday, let’s remember the happier birthday bashes of the past. Like this one, on May 19, 1998, at Manhattan’s Coney Island High, as the birthday boy himself joins the Dictators for the Who’s “The Kids Are Alright.”

I was there and recall enjoying it immensely, but I do admit that I took it all (seeing Joey, the Dictators, cool music venues in Manhattan) for granted at the time … sigh.

The annual bashes have always been awesome for ‘Tators fans — and this year, Thunderbolt Patterson will be among those representin’. More info:

Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2010

— DFFD123


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YouTube Tuesday: All Killer, No Filler

I know I’m going to get slain for this, but my interest in Manowar begins and ends with the guitar heroics of the mighty Ross the Boss. So that’s why this three-part video of his guitar clinic at the 2005 Manowar Fan Convention, the Earthshaker Fest, is such a joy: All Ross, all the time, happily wailing away before an intimate gathering of ecstatic, very vocal fans.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

— DFFD123


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