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For Those About To Rock . . .

For those of you planning to kick it old school with the Master Plan this Friday and Saturday and during their upcoming two-week tour of Spain, we share a taste of the band’s recent live action, courtesy of Veer Magazine.

[Edited to add: The Spanish dates have been updated here.]

Maximum respect!

— DFFD123


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YouTube Tuesday: ‘Children By the Million Sing for Alex Chilton’

For you this YouTube Tuesday, we take you back a couple of weeks to recall the shock and dismay surrounding the untimely passing of one of our heroes. In this touching tribute, Thunderbolt Patterson sings for Alex Chilton to kick off his performance with Dave Bone during last month’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. The sense of community catharsis is palpable, especially since Big Star had been scheduled to hit the stage at the fest later that week. As J.P. himself noted here at The DFFD Blog: “Many tears in the audience, which was the point; I got choked up myself while singing it.”
— DFFD123

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Congrats, Stooges! Nice speech, Billie Joe!

No matter what you think of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you gotta be happy for Iggy and the Stooges  (“Roll over, Woodstock!” “Come on, let’s get some rich ladies up here!”).

And you’re definitely gonna like this speech if you’re a Dictators fan — especially if you appreciate the eloquence of our own Top Ten.

— DFFD123


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YouTube Tuesday: “These Guys Are the Sh*t”

That’s the Joey Ramone introduction to the boys’ performance of “Who Will Save Rock and Roll?” in the 1999 movie Final Rinse — “Part This Is Spinal Tap, part Dirty Harry, and all tongue in cheek.” Read more at In the meantime, enjoy the high-quality video, multiple camera angles and Joey R. acting.

— DFFD123

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Feb. 1981: 8 Days of Triumph and Mayhem

HDM at the Fast Lane

Photos courtesy of Mike Frigerio,

Mid-February marks the anniversary of a triumphant week the Dictators spent in 1981. This was the apex of their “reunion” era, and it was celebrated with 4 gigs in an 8-day span.

The run of shows kicked off at My Father’s Place on Lung Island on Feb. 3rd. It was a relaxed, loose gig. Mark the Animal was in the house, and much of HDM’s banter Andy at the Fast Lane
for the night centered on the entourage of beautiful women Mark brought with him. He of course joined the band for the encores of “Two Tub Man” and “Search and Destroy.” The public debut of “Loyola” also took place this night.

The week continued with a high-profile gig at Club 57 on St. Mark’s Place on Saturday, Feb. 7th. Huge crowd, total mayhem, a great night. A large chunk of this show made its way to a Manhattan cable TV show called Paul Tschinkel’s Inner Tube. Here’s a link to the first couple of tunes from the show:

Gig #3 was on the following night at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park. These pics from that gig are courtesy of our good pal Mike Frigerio. Check out the rest of his great photos and toys at

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Doing the Manitoba with Red Fox Motel

Red Fox MotelIt’s the dance sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Our favorite trio of Walpole High students, CJ Romeo, Pat Maloney and Casey McGuill, continue to garner good press for their recent tribute song about the King of Men.

We had hoped to scoop the world and run their first-ever interview a couple of weeks ago, but had to postpone due to time constraints on the band — they had to study for mid-terms. Since then, the accolades have been rolling in, and they have aced this interview with the Walpole Times, which suspiciously asks almost the exact same template of questions we were going to ask! (I’m not saying they stole our material, but there was a power outage at DFFD headquarters, and Tyler, the guard dog, did wake up the next morning with the scent of chloroform and Liva Snaps on his breath. I’m just sayin’.)

The song is available on iTunes, and you can catch the band on the last Friday of every month at Newbury Comics on Route 1 in Norwood, Mass.

Here’s a clip of them doing their “smash hit single” at the store last Friday night.

— Salvi C.

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“New York New York” — A Hell of a Song

The Powers That Be behind the The New York Nobody Sings blog, dedicated to songs about New York, might not be the world’s biggest Dictators fans — at least according to a new post this week — but they did dredge up a cool clip of “New York New York” from Irving Plaza in ’81. For that, we salute you.

— DFFD123


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YouTube Tuesday: “A Little Cosmic Surf Jam, Perhaps?”

A “California Sun” filmed onstage — and we mean onstage — in Oviedo, Spain, in 1996.

Some more unobstructed Oviedo treats from YouTube user pacovigil for your YouTube Tuesday viewing pleasure:

“Channel Surfing”
“New York New York” and “Science Gone Too Far!”
“Who Will Save Rock and Roll?” and “I Am Right!”

Muchas gracias, pacovigil!

— DFFD123

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